All Ages of Geek GO | Ep 28 Kamen Rider Build

AAOG GO Take All Ages of Geek on the go with you whether you’re commuting to work, school or a long ride home. This time we are reviewing episode 31 of Kamen Rider Build. Watch Our Reaction About Kamen Rider Build Kamen Rider Build is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company’s Kamen Rider […]

The Bonds We Share (or, a Satyr’s Lament) | Theros pt 30 | Dice Sesh Ep 35

Warning: Dice Sesh is intended for a mature audience, as we cover a variety of topics within the game’s setting, including subjects such as gaslighting, death, depression, and others. Viewer discretion is advised. As dawn breaks over the lands of Theros, the group sets out from the temple, still recuperating from the events of last night. […]