Chiharu Shinagawa & Izumishita Review

Many artists and Mangaka around the world have been getting into the hype behind NFTs. Geeks in this space can be especially spoiled with all the vast collections on the rise. Recently All Ages of Geek has been loving what our friends at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace have been working on. Be sure to check […]

Yuzuki Momoi and Sun Review

If you’re a geek like us at All Ages of Geek you’ve already been hearing all about NFTs and their amazing rise to a new digital world of art. Our friends at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace also have a huge role to play in providing NFTs to collectors, while also supporting Mangaka and their work. […]

The Snap | Theros pt 29 | Dice Sesh Ep 34

A word of warning: this one gets kind of heavy. As the group continues to wait through the night for Aslan’s return, Jude takes Torous aside to confront him about what he said to Spyro in Meletis. The resulting argument gets heated, and as memories surface from his past once again, Jude lashes out with […]