An Interview With DM, Host, & Writer Lava

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lava our DM & host all about his writing! 1. How long have you been writing? In terms of story writing? I first started writing stories in high school. I was inspired by friends in my anime club to come up with a story for a manga, which never […]

Star Wars Visions Animator Blasts the Anime Industry’s Unfair Wages

In a previous article of mine, I talked about how Star Wars Visions was going to be coming to Disney Plus, and many fans of both Star Wars and anime, myself included, rejoiced. But alas, not all of it is good news, as some serious pitfalls have come to light within the industry, from unfair […]

Contest of Champions! Theros pt 26 | Dice Sesh Ep 31

Having left the sirens behind, the group continues on their way to the lost temple of Klothys. But a challenge soon presents itself in which the team must face a water elemental chosen by Thassa to avenge the sirens injured by Jude and Takis! How will the group prevail against this watery foe? Find out […]