Indie Game Focus: Operator8

On Twitter, All Ages of Geek asked: It is #wishlistwednesday! You know what that means! #indiedevs show us your #indiegames! See the original tweet HERE! Aligned Games tweeted all about Operator8. Be sure to check out the trailer to learn more. ABOUT OPERATOR8 An unparalleled alien invasion has overwhelmed the Mining Block Facility on the […]

Kamen Rider Interview

We decided interviewed Kamen Rider fans from the discord server ????oei x ????suburaya all about their experience with Kamen Rider! Today our interview was with Red A member of the discord server and a fellow Kamen Rider fan. 1. When did you first get introduced to Kamen Rider? Which series did you start with? My introduction to Kamen […]

Karma Cat + Zen Dog and the PAWsitive Impact Challenge

Karma Cat + Zen Dog has moved mountains for animals across the states, by giving them new, loving homes, foster care and lots of love. During Karma Cat + Zen Dog’s 11 years in operation they have saved over 1,800 animal lives. During COVID-19, they took in 272 animals to help find their forever home […]

Anime Expo Lite 2021 Draws Over 375,000 Views and Raises $77,000 for Charity

Nation’s Largest Anime Fan Convention Returns to the L.A. Convention Center in 2022 The nation’s largest anime fan convention marked its 30th anniversary earlier this month with Anime Expo Lite. Held online again due to the continuing effects of the COVID pandemic, this year’s Anime Expo Lite garnered over 375,000 views from fans in more […]