Indie Game Focus: An Interview with Kat Purpy

All Ages of Geek loves to hear more about indie game developers. We were able to interview Kat Purpy a professional programmer, a game dev, and all-around creative person! 1. How long have you been making games? I’ve been making games since 2016 as a programming exercise, in 2017 I made a prototype of JigCube, […]

Halo’s 20th anniversary and E3 announcement

E3 had many reveals and jaw-dropping content, but for Xbox gamers, nothing compares to the segment on Halo Infinite. During the segment, fans were shown trailers and gameplay in 4k resolution. The new addition to the Halo saga has evolved just as the Xbox has with high resolution, new Spartan customizations, and expansive exploration of […]

Voice Actress & Digital Artist Zel | Dearest Geeks

Dearest Geeks Zel gives us tips on voice acting, art, and game development! About Zel Hannah M. Colman (Zel) is a voice actress, artist, and game developer. Zel’s Work Voice Acting: Games: Ice Breaker Suite Love Danganronpa: Fandom’s Calling Art: Twitter About Dearest Geeks Dearest Geeks is a place where you listen to stories […]

Mobile Game Focus: First Impressions of Red’s Kingdom

LEARN MORE HERE Red’s Kingdom is a game that I recently heard about. So I decided to take a closer look at this squirrely puzzle (pun intended) game. One word only comes to mind when playing this game: Cute. The way they talk, the animations, it’s cute all-around. The look of this game reminds me […]