An Interview with Amber Abby, an Amazonian Vtuber

For those who may not know you, who is Amber Abby? Hello! I’m Amber Abby! A vtuber/variety streamer on Twitch. I was a bee but now I’m buff lol. What made you decide to take up Vtubing? Well I’ve been streaming on Twitch for 10 months, mostly fast paced FPS games. I finally had a […]

Anime’s Surge In Popularity, and Why You Should Watch It

Anime is generally defined as any animation that is produced in the country of Japan. It has a rich history, going back as far as 1910-1917, when the first animators had their start, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that it exploded onto the scene with the rise of shows like Dragon Ball Z and […]

Kidnappings in Meletis! Theros pt 18 | Dice Sesh Ep 23

After a whirlwind of events over the past day and night, surely the party can get a break, right? Ha! You wish! After conversing with his mentor Phryxis on the matter of his role as a chosen of Pharika, Torous is ambushed along with Cadmus by mysterious foes wielding poisoned blades! The group must now […]