An Interview with MaximumPanic: YouTuber/Artist

For those who may not know you, who are you? Well, I’m MaximumPanic! My subscribers call me Manic as a shortened form of the name. I’m a gaming/art YouTuber who uploads Let’s Plays and a variety of games where my friends and I goof around and have a good time. I’m also an artist, and […]

My favorite comic with anxiety, romance and other gamer problems (Opinion)

WEBTOON’s Let’s Play speaks to me on another level. The main character Sam is like an incarnation of what goes on in my mind when she takes her insecurities. The author, Leeanne M. Krecic, known as Mongie, manifests all the characters’ emotions when the characters feel strongly about something like anxiety or depression. It personifies […]

An Interview with The Dark Dice Podcast | The Geekoning Podcast

The Geekoning Podcast On this episode of the Geekoning Sean Interviews The Dark Dice Podcast! About The Dark Dice Podcast You have found yourself among those who roll the Dark Dice. These events happened long ago; stories brought back from the edge of oblivion, dutifully transcribed, and enhanced aurally to better captivate your attention. Our […]

Legend of Elianna SERIES FINALE 25 | All Ages of Story Time

Evelyn, Ira, and Brooklyn attend Elianna’s funeral, where Ira learns something about himself–the reason he got through to Kivati when nobody else could. About Legend of Elianna Evelyn has trouble staying in the lines her fay mentor sets for her. Brooklyn has never felt true as fay, the identity chosen for her. Ira is filled […]