Charlotte “Vee” Law Give Voice Acting Advice! | Dearest Geeks

Dearest Geeks On this episode, we interview Charlotte “Vee” Law a voice actor all about their creative journey. You may get a chance to hear a Yandere laugh. About Charlotte “Vee” Law Charlotte “Vee” Law is a voice actor, check out their work HERE, and join their voice acting community HERE! About Dearest Geeks Dearest Geeks is […]

Meetings in Meletis! THEROS pt 16 | Dice Sesh Ep 21

A new day dawns in the city of Meletis, and with it comes a host of new challenges for the group to face. With Aslan critically injured and Jude in a state of shock, the party decides to split up to pursue a number of goals. New faces emerge as they meet with residents of […]