My Top 5 Video Games That Helped Me During the Pandemic

Let’s get this out of the way, this list is biased. This is an opinion piece about what games got me through this pandemic. Of course, my friends helped too. Sure we couldn’t meet face to face, but talking to them did wonders for me. Fortunately, the vaccine is here and is available! 5. Monster […]

The Essentials In Anime And Video Game Comedy, A Living Document

Hello, this is a highly caffeinated Rohil, one of the writer-producers here at All Ages of Geek, and host of Indie Game Feels. This is not a ranking listicle. This is an ongoing document where I’ll be adding and sharing my favorite sketch-comedy related to games and anime, maybe some other geek-culture parody. The purpose […]

Welcome to Meletis! Theros pt 14 | Dice Sesh Ep 19

With Meletis finally within reach, the group must now find a way to disguise those among them who aren’t welcome in the city, and things get a bit… interesting, to say the least. Mysterious innkeepers, minotaur parents, and dinner plans abound on this episode of Dice Sesh, featuring All Ages of Geek’s own writer Zach, […]

Voice Acting and Confidence with DritentVA | Dearest Geeks

Dearest Geeks On this episode of Dearest Geeks we interviewed DritentVA all about his experience with voice acting. We talk about confidence, how to audition, and what to prioritize with voice acting. About David/Cecil Garcia David is an American Voice Actor and Director! You can see his works HERE About Dearest Geeks Dearest Geeks is a […]

Con Conventions 2021 Update

2021 has become more or less a makeup year of the abysmal year that is 2020. Conventions are being held this year but at a lesser capacity. Are you excited to finally attend one of these major comic cons (see list below) or are you holding out another year? The annual tradition for me is […]

REVIEW & ANALYSIS: Shotgun Boy Episode 5-9, the Bloodbath Begins.

We are finally back with a review of the latest chapters of Shotgun Boy, Carnaby Kim and Hongpil’s newest webcomic! Those of you who have not read my first article and introduction of the series, please check it out here before we dive-in with this new review.  Also, please be forewarned, the following article contains […]