Day: April 26, 2021

Yasuke Premieres April 29 & A NEW Visual!

“In a war-torn feudal Japan filled with mechs and magic, the greatest ronin never known, Yasuke, struggles to maintain a peaceful existence after a past life of violence. But when a local village becomes the center of social upheaval between warring daimyo, Yasuke must take up his sword and transport a mysterious child who is the target of dark forces and bloodthirsty warlords. Premieres April 29, only on Netflix

MAPPA’s latest anime series premieres on April 29th on Netflix. Here is the new visual the dropped today:

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Anime Movie Trailer: Beauty of Mamoru Hosada’s BELLE Lives Up to Its Name

The Belle of the Ball

Buckle up animation geeks, creative genius Momoru Hosada’s next film Ryu to Sobakasu no Hime (“The Dragon and the Freckled Princess”), or simply Belle, is just around the corner! First announced in December 2020, Hosada’s Studio Chizu has officially set its to release to July of 2021.

Belle marks Hosada’s ninth project and follows the protagonist Suzu as she traverses between reality and a virtual world called ‘U’. Suzu is a 17-year old high school girl who lives with her father in the rural town of Kochi as Japan’s countryside population continues to decrease. Seeking comfort and direction after the loss of her mother, Suzu finds and enters an online world called ‘U’, where she becomes her avatar “Belle,” a famous singer in this alternate reality. As Belle increasingly becomes the center of attention, a mysterious and infamous dragon-like creature appears before her. Amidst the ever blurring boundaries between reality and the virtual, the two of them must embark upon a courageous journey of challenges, discovering love, friendship, and perhaps who they truly are along the way.

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Mamoru Hosada and His Belle

Hosada’s previous work, Mirai, which premiered internationally at the Cannes’ Directors Fortnight in 2018, garnered an overwhelmingly successful reception and was nominated for both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. The film went on to win the 46th annual Annie Award for “Best Animation of the Year.” 

Hosada is not by any means new to this degree of positive reception. His worldwide recognition had been amassing long before the success of Mirai, winning over many an animation fan’s hearts and staunch support with his prolific storytelling. The most notable of his past work includes The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and The Boy and the Beast. Known for their deeply emotional and thought-provoking narratives, Hosoda’s stories have a penchant for drawing extraordinary experiences from seemingly ordinary characters living worlds touched by hints of fantasy. From the first looks of Belle, it certainly looks like Director Hosada aims to continue that trend.

In his official statement released by Studio Chizu, Hodsada said “BELLE is the movie that I have always wanted to create, and I am only able to make this film a reality because of the culmination of my past works. I explore romance, action, and suspense on the one hand, and deeper themes such as life and death on the other. I expect this to be a big entertainment spectacle.

“I have directed films in the past, exploring the implications of the Internet and how our younger generations will transform the world with their own amusement. At the same time, the Internet has a more negative side to it, where people slander others without a second thought, filling it with misinformation. In spite of this, I believe that it is marvel that will expand the possibilities of humanity. I wanted to depict this massive shift in our relationship with the Internet in a way that would pave a path towards our future.

“The unprecedented events of last year have accelerated the paradigm shift in our online interactions with one another, be it the workplace or our personal lives. As this era continues to change, unbound from the shackles of yesterday’s common sense, capturing this global phenomenon felt like an inevitability.

“Yet, the things that we must cherish, largely remain the same. Legacies we have inherited from generations past will continue to exist and adapt to the new age and new tools that will now shape it. This shift is more apparent than it has ever been because of the era in which we currently live.

“I hope you can enjoy our world that is now evolving at the speed of light while savoring those things that really matter to us, in this film.”

Studio Chizu has assembled an impressive team of Japanese and international creatives for crafting Belle’s stunning visuals. Among the long list of creatives working alongside Dir. Hosada is Jin Kim, the artist who designed characters in some of Disney’s most iconic features such as Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Tangled. Both artists have greatly admired each other’s work for a long time from afar — and it’s no wonder why! They have great taste; each artist’s respective style is stunning.  Belle marks the first of, hopefully, many more collaborations to come. Another creative who joined the project is Eric Wong, a visionary architect-designer from Britain, who constructed the 3D landscape of ‘U’, conceptualizing from Hosada’s original design. Ross Stewart and Tomm Moore, big-time animators of the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, are involved as well. They are known for creating The Secret of the Knells, the Oscar-nominated feature Song of the Sea, and this year’s Oscar nominee Wolfwalkers. For anyone who has seen any of the aforementioned movies, you will know that their animation style is distinctly enchanting and incredibly different from Hosada’s. It is incredibly exciting to imagine how this will all mix together. An international collaboration of this scale makes Japanese animation history as the first of its kind. The amalgamation of all these different styles, I can imagine, could dramatically alter the course of Japanese animation to come!

My Thoughts On the Trailer:

First off, I cannot express how excited I am for this movie to drop. The trailer is absolutely stunning with its visuals — from its color palette to the mixture of 3D and 2D animation, to the shifting of art styles as we move between realities. It gives us a glimpse of how each creators’ distinctive style will look meshed together.

The contrast between Suzu and Belle is striking and translates well to the screen, creating a rift between how one wishes to appear and how one actually appears to the world. While Suzu and her classmates in the real world largely reflect Hosada’s more simple design, Belle shines with Jin Kim’s iconic Disney flair. Suzu looks like your average girl with brown eyes, brown hair falling below chin length, and light freckles dusting her face. Belle, on the other hand, is ethereal: her eyes are unrealistically huge and crystal blue, her luscious pink hair flows down to her legs, and even her freckles form the most beautiful and intricate patterns on her face. She truly looks like a princess.

The world in which the two exist are drastically different too. We see glimpses of the idyllic countryside as Suzu ambles through her rural town: clear waters sparkling under the setting sun, to the monolithic clouds floating against the devastatingly blue skies, to the sweeping empty fields passing outside a moving train. The natural landscapes are dense and full of vibrant detail, a stark contrast to the landscape of ‘U’. Virtual reality looks to be composed of block-like skyscrapers resembling the green and gold chips one would see inside a computer’s motherboard. While it seems to be full of geometric complexity, the world simultaneously feels hollow as well. It looks one-dimensional in comparison to the vivid images of the countryside. It is interesting to see the juxtaposition between Hosada’s simpler-looking Suzu living in a more intricate-looking world, and Jin Kim’s extravagantly detailed Belle existing in a more empty looking world. I’m excited to see how Hosoda synthesizes these visual elements throughout the movie in relation to the plot and more importantly the film’s theme.

What captured my attention the most, however, was the song featured in the extended trailer. With Belle set to be a famous singer of ‘U’, I’m willing to bet that the music will play a big role in the film. The trailer’s evocative song paired with its astounding visuals was genuinely enough to move me to tears — even without a clue of what was going on! If the music in the trailer is reflective of the soundtrack to come, then I’ll be prepared to cry at multiple points throughout this movie!

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League of Legends Update 11.9 Recap and Review

Hi there! My name is Gunner, and I’m an intern here at AAOG. I love writing, and I love playing video games, I often play things like League of Legends, Escape from Tarkov, and Destiny 2 to name a few. I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be writing bi-weekly articles covering the new updates that come out for League of Legends. I’ll be giving my opinion on the changes, and well and fully detailing them, and giving my personal experience with testing these changes out. 

With the 11.9 patch dropping on the 28th of April, Riot has released full patch notes, so I’ll be reviewing them and talking about these changes!


  • Armor per level 3.6 ⇒ 3.1.
  • Base health regeneration 7.5 ⇒ 6.5.
  • Passive bonus attack speed 20-40% ⇒ 15-40%.

As someone who has Diana currently M6, this is a big early game nerf. The armor is a big hit, but so is the health regen. As Diana is a mana champ, she can’t stay in lane for too long without having to back to get more mana to get back into the lane. You rely on her health and mana regen heavily, and this should make her both weaker in a fight early on, especially against someone like Talon for example. AD mid laners playing against Diana will have an easier time poking her out in the beginning as well as doing more damage. Her early game fights will also be worse because of her attack speed nerf. She will still be strong in the later stages of the game in team fights, but this will make her easier to put behind. 

Dr Mundo

  • Armor per level 3.5 ⇒ 3.
  • Attack damage per level 3.5 ⇒ 3

 Mundo is someone who hits hard early game and has been popular in Jungle for some time now. However recently he is being picked less and less in high elo. Mundo benefits from being a tank jungle, and someone who can absorb a lot of damage. This nerf is going to make him absorb a little less, as his early game armor will be just a sliver lower than before, which could make a difference in a fight, however. He will also be dealing a little bit less damage in the early game, but Mundo isn’t always going to be someone you play for damage anyways. 


  • W armor/magic resist per stack 0.25 ⇒ 0.2.
  • Max resists unchanged (minions needed for max 120 ⇒ 150).

I’m not sure about all of you, but this Garen nerf has been needed for quite a while, as he dominates the top lane in a lot of low elo matches, and is still often played in high elo. This nerf is going to make him stay in lane some more, as well as stay in lane for longer as he will need those extra 30 minion kills to get max stacks. I think it’s a shame that they didn’t nerf his max stacks, but I do think it’s good that he will need to stay in lane longer and won’t be coming down to other lanes as quickly.


  • E damage 80-240 ⇒ 80-220

Not much to say about this one, this won’t affect him until the late game, but any damage reduction to a junglers abilities, especially ap hurts them in every way. He also won’t be able to finish off monsters as easily. 


  • Base armor 36⇒32, armor per level 4 ⇒ 4.25.
  • Q bonus damage per Rampage stack 5% ⇒ 2% (+1% per 33 base attack damage).
  • W healing 30% ⇒ 30% (+1% per 40 base attack damage) of damage Hecarim deals.
    • This % is halved 15% (+1% per 80bAD) for damage dealt by allies.

So this is the big change in this patch. A minor rework for Hec that sees his stats benefits his abilities. I think this change is a good one, and he is so popular and really hard to play against with his speed and disengage. This will make building damage much more prevalent on him, but I don’t think it will really change his build-up. This change will make a big difference early game, where if built correctly he may be a bit stronger, but the base armor is a big hit too early ganks. 


  • W damage 50-170 ⇒ 50-150 (max damage 90-306 ⇒ 90-270).

I’m personally really happy to see this one, as Heimer is one of the main reasons I stay away from the top lane, and cry when I see him picked support. His turrets make it hard for almost any champ to push up at all in lane, and can really drag someone down in cs pretty quickly. The max damage on his W will make him just that much weaker later game, as 36 damage off of an ability really is quite a bit. 


  • Rockets crit for 200% ⇒ 175% to splash targets.

This is gonna make Jinx execute a bit weaker, but to a certain point, it won’t change much, especially if the player is low enough for it to kill anyways. However that 25 percent is a huge nerf, and I think in a close fight it could cost Jinx a kill. 

Kayn (Rhaast)

  • Rhaast Q damage 55% total attack damage +5% (+4%/100%) enemy max health ⇒ 65% total attack damage +5% (+4%/100%) enemy max health.

Kayn has fallen behind in the meta a little bit and isn’t being played as much, partly because he never gets skins which we all know is just a meme at this point. This extra 10% on his Q will make a big difference though, seriously. That’s around a minimum of an extra 30 damage every Q, to multiple enemies.


  • Q cooldown 9 ⇒ 8, damage 60-140 ⇒ 60-160.

I think this is a really good buff, Kindred is someone who isn’t played much low elo because she is so hard to learn, so maybe this will make it a bit easier for people to carry with her in low elo games. The cooldown on the Q will help her big time though, a whole second makes a big difference in a 1v1 or a teamfight, especially as a hard carry.


  • Q resistance reduction 20-28% ⇒ 25-33%.
  • E cost 80-120 ⇒ 60-100.

Not only did Kog receive a buff, but he also received a VFX update! I personally have been seeing a really weird spike in Kog recently, as he’s really not too meta. A 20 mana reduction is huge early game, and a big resistance buff, this buff will make his early game really strong. He will also be able to use his E much more freely. 


  • W cooldown 16-12 ⇒ 15-11, attack speed 20-35 ⇒ 25-35%.

I’m surprised at this buff, because Lulu has been growing in popularity in high elo, but still has some pretty bad pick rates in bronze-gold. A second off a cooldown does a lot, as I said earlier. The minimum 5% attack speed will also help, this isn’t a huge buff, but it might be a bit noticeable to a long-time Lulu player. 


  • W damage to monsters 200% ⇒ 185%.

I didn’t want to see a Morg buff, but I don’t really mind this. This will hurt the Morg jungle players, as well as her ability to take down dragons. This nerf won’t do a whole lot, but it will do a lot if she is picked by the jungle. 


  • Passive overheated magic damage on-hit 10-50 ⇒ 5-40.

Again, not a big change, and it’s to a champ you don’t really see too often, maybe getting some attention because of his new skin.


  • W percent expended Grit dealt as damage 25 + 10 per 100 bonus attack damage ⇒ 25 + 20 per 100 bonus attack damage.
  • R bonus ratio 100% ⇒ 120%.

I’m literally sitting here asking myself why this change was made. I expect to see a nerf coming soon because Sett is so insanely strong in my games. I guess it maybe could have been because he’s not played a ton? But he’s one of the best top laners in the game, and everyone knows it. This buff will be noticeable and pray that you won’t be able to find out why. 


  • R shield value 175-525 (+135% ability power) ⇒ 120-500 (+17.5 base health, +135% ability power).

Another good top laner receiving a change, and it seems like a good one. Shen makes it so hard to engage in a lane after your enemy hits 6 because he’s always there. If he runs teleport it’s even worse. Shen’s shield can also be hard to break through, I think this change will be a good one because Shen really is just a pest to play against.


  • Q mana cost 70-110 ⇒ 70-90.

I think this is a good change, Taric is really good support. I also think that he isn’t played enough, as a Kai’sa main when I see a Taric I get happy, and there are really not enough good Taric players in the game, maybe this change will make people more aware of him, hopefully. This will also help his level 3 engage, less mana cost means more abilities. 


  • E slow 20-60% ⇒ 32-60%.

Oh, why would this change even be thought of. Trundle is so incredibly brain-dead and just boring, but he’s so good. An extra 12% slow in his beginning engages and ganks is just ridiculous. He’s gonna keep running it down, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him because Riot will just give him a bit of help. This might make some boot choices change though, when I see a Trundle I like to play someone that can use Swifty’s or Merc Treads, and this might make you want them when you get ganked nonstop and can’t run away. 


  • Q cooldown 9/7.75/6.5/5.25/4 ⇒ 9/7.9/6.8/5.7/4.6.

Vlad has a 60% wr in Platinum+ with a certain build. I was not aware of this, but wow that’s high. This nerf obviously was needed, but I think he is still more of a low-key pick, but be scared if you see him lock-in.


  • Q damage 80-240 (+75% ability power) ⇒ 70-230 (+90% ability power).
  • W damage 60-180 (+60% ability power) ⇒ 60-200 (+65% ability power).

A buff that is going to be insane. This Xerath Q change will be ridiculous and be hopeful that you don’t have to experience it. He already chunks, but an extra 15 percent damage is absolutely insane, as AP stacks so hard. I can see this really making him strong, so keep your eye out for him. 

Deadman’s Plate

  • Health 400 ⇒ 300

Deadman’s has needed a change, this is gonna hurt top laners and jungles pretty hard, as this item is so crucial to build. 100 health off is quite a big for someone who doesn’t build many tank items. I could see this really affecting a champ like Darius or even Mundo. 

Death’s Dance

  • Attack damage 50 ⇒ 55.
  • Armor 40 ⇒ 50.

I don’t know how I feel about this change to DD. On one hand, you have a really strong item now that can really help out an ADC if picked or even a top laner. On the other hand, you have a really strong item that maybe didn’t need a buff. I say that because there’s no other item like DD, and it’s so strong at what it does. This buff will be taken advantage of I’m sure, but hopefully, this will be a good spot for DD in the meta. 

Moonstone Renewer

  • Starlit Grace base heal 60 ⇒ 70.

After mandate got chopped, I think this is the best support item, because you can really use it on someone like Seraphine who can benefit from a healing item, someone who scales really hard with AP as a support, and heal at the same time. Moonstone healing is ridiculous, and honestly, I don’t think this change was needed.

Sunfire Aegis

  • Immolate damage against monsters 100% ⇒ 150%.

A lot of damage to monsters buffs these past couple of weeks for champs and items. I think this has to put the item higher up in the pecking order for some tank jungles, because that 50% is a lot early game, and it is also just a strong item in general, as it helps to damage multiple targets at once. 

Turbo Chemtank

  • Supercharged active move speed 60% ⇒ 40%.

This is a massive nerf, because this item is used so often and it really affects games. The ability to run it down for free is huge because you don’t have to worry about how long it takes to engage. This nerf is going to directly affect Mundo players especially, it’s actually almost like a nerf to him. 

Wits End

  • Build path: Dagger ⇒ Long Sword.
  • Attack damage 30 ⇒ 40, attack speed still 40%.

Meh, that’s how I feel about this. Wits end is situational that doesn’t get used a ton, and I think this won’t change much, but the extra 10 AD does put it up there for items in contention. Actually, no, this is a good change, and it was really needed.

  • Conqueror Jax (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Nidalee, Damwon Gaming (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Kennen, Damwon Gaming (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Twisted Fate, Damwon Gaming (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Jhin, Damwon Gaming (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Leona, Damwon Gaming (Legacy) ⁠— 1350 RP

To close it off for the week, here is the full list of champs getting new skins, and these look really great I must say! I will definitely be buying the Leona skin, and maybe the Nidalee one. This will also see the release of prestige conqueror Jax I believe, for 100 prestige points, so Jax players keep your eye out for that. 

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