Hunter’s Corner: Monster Hunter Stories 2

Hello everyone, I’m Monster Review Girl. Today I’d like to talk about the Monster Hunter digital event week that occurred last week in early March. This event was to celebrate Monster Hunter turning 17.  General Overview The event started with a Monster Hunter Stories 2, Wings of Ruin trailer, and product order information. This trailer […]

Zero-One and Ryuki Coming to TokuSHOUTsu

Greetings, geeks of all ages! In a recent livestream, Shout! Factory has announced that they will be adding Kamen Rider seasons Zero-One and Ryuki to their streaming service. Both series are coming soon, though no exact date has been given. This is exciting news for Rider fans outside of Japan, who are unable to readily […]

Female Gamers, TV Trope & Video Games | PC2 Episode 05

PC2 In this episode, we talk about female Gamers, anime and tv tropes, and video games. About All Ages of Geek All Ages of Geek, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service with a focus on geek culture, producing content for kids to adults. We produce webisodic entertainment from original video series, talk shows, […]