Tall Vampire Lady Awoke Something In Me

Late Jan 2021, Resident Evil dropped the Maiden demo for their upcoming eighth installment in the series, Resident Evil Village. Village is a direct follow-up to “Resident Evil Does Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and sees Ethan Winters reprising his role of most vanilla RE leading man. Franchise-hype remains decently consistent with new entries, and a new […]

A First Impressions of: Tales of Xadia

Before I go into detail about my thoughts on Tales of Xadia, I should mention that I know next to nothing about The Dragon Prince. I have heard good things about it, but I am judging this TTRPG based on it’s merits alone. I am familiar with other systems for TTRPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons […]

Video Games & Representation | PC2 Episode 04

PC2 In this episode of PC2 we dive into video games and representation. About All Ages of Geek All Ages of Geek, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service with a focus on geek culture, producing content for kids to adults. We produce webisodic entertainment from original video series, talk shows, on the go […]