RWBY: A Theory on Mantle (Spoilers for Volume 8 Episode 5)

Before diving into this theory, I want to emphasize the title. This contains spoilers for Volume 8 Episode 5 of RWBY. If you have not watched this episode, this will spoil the big reveal at the end. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the theory. Much like my Atlas falling theory, […]

Cool Concept Podcast Episode 06 | Mzati Banda (“EyeXFoot Manga”) [Interview]

Cool Concept Podcast We’re featuring an interview of the creator of EyeXFoot Manga, “Mzati Banda” . The Manga focuses on two Japanese high school futsal while learning more about each other and the game they love.   Source: Grittyvibes About EyeXFoot Manga Dieudonne has always been good at playing futsal but he’s never been what he wanted […]