Ultimate Justice League Reboot Lineup

https://youtu.be/AvHEMc2085g In a Justice League for a new (hopefully not so far away) era, here are seven superheroes who deserve a spot in the Watchtower, and two who don’t. Read the original article here. More @fletcherstories on Instagram. About Series A series of video essays on film & fable that discusses things you’ve seen before in a […]

Rooster Teeth’s RWBY Reactions Volume 8 and Beyond

All Ages of Geek is gearing up for RWBY Reactions to Volume 8 and beyond. To start we have several RWBY theory videos prepped along with some upcoming discussions and podcasts with our community. Our upcoming podcast The Tooncasters will also feature full-length discussions about Rooster Teeth’s RWBY from the characters, plot, writing, and more. […]

Disney Movie Review: The Lion King

Prior to making this review, I never watched The Lion King. If your first question is “why” I just simply never watched it. There’s a large handful of Disney classics I haven’t seen, or I’ve seen but don’t remember much of them, and since that is a conundrum with me, but also the fact that […]