Seven Secrets – Comic Review

#Boom!Studios Boom! Studios creates a new original series called Seven Secrets. Tom Taylor builds upon this new adventure by writing action, suspense, and mystery all around these seven briefcases that hold the power to change the world. Each briefcase is assigned to individuals who are responsible for holding the case and another to be the […]

My Top 10 Shows to Watch

While I was in COVID-19 quarantine I watched the following shows since I had to pass the time somehow. Most of these shows have one season and can easily be watched in a few days. Shows like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan require more time to watch since they have more than one […]

Anime To-Watch During Covid

I’m sure that, by now, most of us have run out of things to watch. Things have gone to some sort of normalcy for many of us, but the fact is that we should still stay inside as much as possible. Social distancing is important. Cases in the US continue to rise at a staggering […]