Diaries of a Warcraft Widow Volume II: 6 Things to Do While Your Partner Games

@Diablo via @Geekologie I’ve written before about the surprise of finding myself in an inter-geekery relationship. If you’re in a relationship with diverging geeky interests, you might not ever be one of those couples who shares a hobby. But the time intensive nature of gaming can leave you with plenty of time to hang out […]

After the Fall: My Experience

After the Fall is the first official novel written for the RWBY series. It came out in 2019 and features the fan favorites, Team CFVY. It follows their escapades following the Fall of Beacon as they adapt to live in Vacuo’s Shade Academy.  I’ll admit, when this book was announced, I was excited like the […]

Close Enough: Adult Life Done Right

After years of being stuck in development hell, J.G. Quintel’s adult animation series Close Enough has finally crawled its way into the light. It’s Qunitel’s first main project since his lead work on Regular Show, and while there’s no sign of talking blue jays, raccoons, gumball machines or any other anthropomorphic oddballs, Close Enough takes […]