Lena NW’s Nightmare Temptation Academy: Rap Battles & Subverting Dating Sim Tropes Through Active Consent

This game contains adult content. Nightmare Temptation Academy is a branching narrative game and dating simulator. It boots-up with an extensive, cacophonous scrolling list of Trigger Warnings — the game features, sexual abuse, drug abuse, suicide, inconsistent use of fonts, and other deeply challenging subjects to confront. It’s a daunting, though certainly needed introduction. There […]

EVO 2020: Year of the Online Warrior

Memes aside, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic really has ruined everyone’s plans for 2020. Sports, entertainment, and much of the business world came to an abrupt halt, and the same goes for people’s passions and hobbies. One group that has been hit from all of these angles is also one that is seldom talked about, and […]

Interview with the Creators of Aether | The Tat & Kat Show Ep 03

The Tat & Kat Show Tat and Kat chatted with the creators of Aether comic! In this episode, we discussed inspiration for young upcoming creators, the creation of Aether and much more! About Aether As seemingly demonic forces befall a private school, Richard must band together with a group of outcast kids to stop the […]