Girls’ Last Tour: A Lonely End of the World

Greetings and salutations readers, welcome to the third episode/article of The Underrated Vault. This is CuriousCat-13 and today I will be going over an anime series, that was requested by fellow All Ages of Geek member Gemini Renegade, Girls’ Last Tour. If you have any underrated anime (or even non-anime) series that you want me […]

Attack on Titan Season 4 the FINAL Season Reaction and Thoughts

Attack on Titan All Ages of Geek

Attack on Titan Season 4 is confirmed to be the FINAL season of the series and things are being teased in the latest Attack on Titan Season 4 trailer. Fans of the anime (only) have a lot in store for them when it comes to the final season why manga fans are getting hyped for […]