10 Comic Book Series to Catch Up On Before They Return from Quarantine

Comic Book All Ages of Geek

Like nearly every other media industry, comic books took a huge hit once the coronavirus lockdown began. With comic book shops across the country forced to close, the vast majority of releases were pushed back until further notice. Fortunately, this gives readers plenty of time to catch up on some great series that they may […]

Why is Riki-oh not as notorious as Berserk or Fist Of The North Star?

Riki-oh All Ages of Geek

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot after getting back into manga. Its main character is incredibly strong and violent just like guts and Kenshiro. He’s in a different place in time meaning past or future, in this case, he’s in the slight future. He can just shrug off what would normally destroy someone […]

WWE Money In the Bank Review

WWE Money In the Bank All Ages of Geek

So I had to write this article a second time because the first one got deleted or probably yeeted from my G-Drive, but I blame myself for not making a second copy since I’m a very one and done person. I think some things I may have left out in this version, but it’s about […]