Rohil Reviews 2000s Anime: Hellsing

Hellsing All Ages of Geek

Hellsing is the 2001 action-horror release from Studio Gonzo. Directed by Umanosuke Iida and written by Chiaki J. Konaka. The 13 episode run follows the Hellsing Organization in The United Kingdom; they’re like a pest-extermination service but for ghouls and other demonic entities. The Hellsing Organization is investigating the manufacturing and distribution of a microchip […]

Why The Midnight Gospel is Art

The Midnight Gospel All Ages of Geek

I am a firm believer that anything that makes the bar of truly, exceptionally good should be experienced without spoilers. There is something amazing that happens when you have no expectations, enter in completely blind to a new experience, and come away wowed. If you trust me enough, I suggest that you go watch The […]

Author of Twilight Stephenie Meyer is a Genius

Stephenie Meyer All Ages of Geek

For years people mocked Twilight, Twilight fans, and the author behind the pop culture phenomena the Twilight Saga. And for years I’ve stood behind the series with many people asking “Why?”. Well, today I’m here to drop some important knowledge on you, about why I personally think Stephenie Meyer is a genius and has made […]

Coronavirus and It’s Impact on the Video Game Industry

Animal Crossing All Ages of Geek

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, it has caused major repercussions on the entertainment world, especially for video games. One might think that this industry would at least remain unaffected, but that is certainly not the case once the pandemic hit. As everyone is in quarantine, for the time being, video games have become a way […]

10 Best Video Game Console Startup Screens

Video Game All Ages of Geek

The startup screen has become something of a lost art in modern video game consoles. With so much time and effort going into the hardware and performance of the systems, adding in a cool startup intro doesn’t seem to be a necessity anymore. However, veteran gamers surely miss the days of iconic startup screens, as […]

Console Wars: The Ending is Due

Well, it’s about damn time that this article series comes to some kind of conclusion because it feels like I milked it, but at least I gave y’all the in-depth look on a cultural movement that has existed for nearly 50 years, but now it’s the opinion part of this entire massive article series. Console […]

Illogical things in Pokemon Part 3

Pokemon Gen one on All Ages of Geek

The world of Pokemon is full of illogical things which can be really funny and confusing at times. Here is Part 3 of Illogical Things in Pokemon. 1.Magcargo is hotter than the surface of the sun Magcargo made its debut in the second generation of the Pokemon games. It’s a little cute snail that looks […]

Ice Cream Man Review

Image From website: Enter a world of sweets and terror as the Ice Cream Man becomes the source of nightmares. Image Comics creates a new ongoing series that brings out multiple elements of storytelling and world-building.  W. Maxwell Prince writes a story full of twists as he focuses on an interdimensional being named Riccardus, […]

The Bond of Naruto and Sasuke | All Ages of Faith Ep 3

In this episode, Christian talks about the bond between Naruto and Sasuke. And how Naruto never cuts off his bond with Sasuke and relates back to how Jesus never cuts us off and always pursues us. About All Ages of Faith Go on a faith journey with All Ages of Geek as we discuss geek culture […]

Naruto Reaction Episode 43

Today All Ages of Geek reacts to Naruto for the first time! React with us on your favorite streaming services to sync up for more interactive reactions. *This is a Reaction to episodes 43-44  About Naruto Twelve years ago, a vicious tailed beast known as the Nine-Tails attacked the shinobi village of Konohagakure. Many shinobi fought the beast, but it defeated and […]