Sonic the Hedgehog Movie: An Adrenaline Rush of a Good Time

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie All Ages of Geek

When the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was first announced, fans of all varieties were skeptical with how the final product would look, given that there haven’t really been any video games being made into successful live-action movie adaptations. However, I can say with absolute confidence that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie will make you fear […]

Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Main Characters

Grand Theft Auto All Ages of Geek

On October 22, 1997, the first part of the Grand Theft Auto series was released. But it should take until GTA 3 before we get with Claude, the first playable main Character of the GTA series. Here is my personal Top 10 List of my favorite Grand Theft Auto main characters. 10. Toni Cipriani (GTA […]

The Geek Jam Surgery | Dope Oscillators, Perfect Pitch and Non-Biological Music

The Geek Jam Surgery Episode 2 of The Geek Jam Surgery, the podcast where we take a deep dive into what makes your favorite geek-culture music (anime/TV/Film score/Games/nerdcore etc) remain on your go-to playlists. Bedroom musicians with no formal training and trained, professional musicians get together to dissect sections of popular geek culture songs to […]