Seven Secrets – Comic Review


Boom! Studios creates a new original series called Seven Secrets. Tom Taylor builds upon this new adventure by writing action, suspense, and mystery all around these seven briefcases that hold the power to change the world. Each briefcase is assigned to individuals who are responsible for holding the case and another to be the protector. 

The story follows Sigurd, a Keeper, who protects the secret and the wielder, and Eva a Holder who carries the briefcase with the secret inside. Together these two characters are met with the ultimate challenge when a new threat reaches The Order of The Seven. The society is immediately wiped out from an unprecedented attack on the Order’s headquarters. Numerous lives were lost in the assault. Now, Eva is on the run from legions of assassins aimed to take over the secrets and the world.   

The artwork is done by the talented Daniele Di Nicuolo with colors forged by Walter Baiamonte and Katia Ranalli. The art style is unique and simple Daniele puts together an image that is not over saturated with detail. The line work is straightforward with sharp lines for facial features or movement. Overall the comic maintains a cartoonish theme that is easy for the reader to view when coming across each page. 

Walter and Katia like to use solid colors in the forefront of the comic. The background tends to blend pigments in casual fades or breaks up the light source with complementary or opposing colors. The colors are vibrant in appearance, which adds value to the comic book.   

The comic book series leaves with cliffhangers and brings about new questions to the lore and origins of the mythical briefcases. Find out as Eva fights for her life and the sake of the planet in this rat race to world domination.   

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