Valahar Chronicles: Meet Jackdaw

Hello everyone,

I’m CuriousCat-13, also known as Tracy. I’m a writer for All Ages of Geek and play Aslan the Leonin in the Theros campaign for Dice Sesh. I’m proud to announce that I will be playing a new character for Valahar Chronicles. Instead of a strong, brooding leonin that is learning to control his rage, I will be playing the tabaxi rogue Jackdaw. What can we expect from this new character? Well, she has a non-stop curiosity about the world around her (as tabaxi generally are), unless it’s something she’s already seen before (then she just moves on). So whenever the group travels to a new place, you can count on Jackdaw to run her mouth with facts about their destination. Also, her family runs a lovely jewelry-crafting shop; so if there’s something you want made, come on over with your own gems or see what they have in stock and they’ll make something special. If a customer wants a specific piece enchanted, some members of the family will be able to help out. However, Jackdaw doesn’t really understand magic and never had the talent for it, so she won’t be able to help out with that. Now you’re probably wondering, how does a tabaxi go from living a comfortable life to living a life of thievery? She was extremely bored and wanted to do something different. Yep, boredom is what motivated her to commit repetitive acts of crime. However, as much as she wants to, due to circumstances, she can’t write to her family or return home. 

Aaand there you have it, there’s your little teaser to Jackdaw the Tabaxi Rogue. I hope that you all had a wonderful time learning a little bit about her and I hope that you tune in for the first session of Valahar Chronicles. Also, please check out the official All Ages of Geek Twitter page for all the promotions for the other players and their characters. 

Until then, as always, this is Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13: signing off. 


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  1. Hi Tracy ???? or should I call you Jackdaw!!
    This Was a fun article. Can’t say I know what a tabaxi is, exactly ????. But it sounds fun. Would I be able to access the Valahar Chronicals sessions, to read your adventures..? ????❤️????

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