New Anime Makes an Impact on Netflix

This year 2020 following the month of September Netflix has announced the Anime coming to the popular streaming service. The list is presented below.

Blue Exorcist 

A supernatural tale of action and demons as Rin Okumura the son of Satan, becomes a force of good against the legions of darkness. In the prestigious school of True Cross Academy Rin trains to become the ultimate warrior to save the world from an eternity of damnation. Upon its release date Rin will enter the famed arc of the Kyoto Saga

Genres: Shonen, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror 

Releases: September 1st, 2020         Episodes: 39        Seasons: 2

Children of the Sea

A film that explores the life of Azumi Ruka as she spends the summer at the local aquarium. Once there she discovers the world of underwater sea life and the connection she has between two mysterious boys Umi and Sora.

Genres: Fantasy, Drama      

Releases: September 1st, 2020            Director: Ayumu Watanabe


A science fiction piece that focuses on time travel. For Satoru Fujinuma its a matter of life and death for when he is framed for his mother’s murder. Satoru travels back in time but a little too early he goes back 18 years to discover his 5th grade old self. Now he must change the events of the past in order to save his future.

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Fantasy         

Release: September 1st, 2020           Episodes: 13     Seasons: 1

Fate / Grand Order – First Order 

A science fiction time travel story where Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight are responsible for saving the world from ultimate destruction. In order to do so the Chaldea Security Organization sends our heroes to the past to find the answer to save the unforeseen future of the planet. 

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction

Releases: September 1st, 2020                         Director: Hitoshi Nanba

The Promised Neverland

A story about children in an orphanage and one day the simple life they had is turned upside down when they discover the grounds carry a dark secret. Now they must survive in a house disguised to nurture them for something far more sinister. 

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Drama

 Releases: September 1, 2020              Episodes: 12         Seasons: 1 

The Idhun Chronicles

Centers on the fire wielding teenager Jack and his companion Victoria as they endure the reign of the tyrannical Winged Snakes organization. Now, the two heroes must find their destiny in the land of Idhun and the potential to save the world. 

Genres: Fantasy

Releases: September 10, 2020          Episodes: 5         Seasons: 1

Pokemon Journeys: The Series 

Ash Ketchum, now a Pokemon master, returns home to Pallet Town with his faithful companion Pikachu. Once home he is employed by the incredible Professor Cerise to study the culture and lives of Pokemon starting a new journey around the world. 

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure 

Releases: September 11, 2020           Episodes: 24           Seasons: 2

Dragon’s Dogma

A dark fantasy story that center’s on Ethan after his heart is stolen by a dragon, with the help of his friend Hannah the two of them set out across the lands to reclaim his very heart. Based on the popular Capcom video game released in 2012 of the same title “Dragon’s Dogma.” 

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

Releases: September 17, 2020        Episodes: 7           Seasons: 1

Sword Art Online 

A long time running anime in recent years Sword Art Online expands with another season as the famous characters interact within Aincrad, a floating castle where players and avatars meet. But the players are trapped in the virtual world so in order to free themselves they must complete the game and to die in the game you die in real life. Therefore, Aincrad becomes a virtual fight for survival.

Genres: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy  

Episodes: 74                      Seasons: 3

Check out these amazing animes as they are added to the Netflix roster ready to captivate audiences with compelling storytelling and characters. Keep on the lookout for more content within the following months as these shows and many more will expand the Netflix catalog and reach audiences all over the world.

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