Karma Cat + Zen Dog and the PAWsitive Impact Challenge

Karma Cat + Zen Dog has moved mountains for animals across the states, by giving them new, loving homes, foster care and lots of love. During Karma Cat + Zen Dog’s 11 years in operation they have saved over 1,800 animal lives. During COVID-19, they took in 272 animals to help find their forever home while their Population Control program helped 44 community cats and their caretakers. PAWsitive Impact Challenge is their next big contribution to the community.

The PAWsitive Community Impact Program serves communities in the Greater New Brunswick, NJ area. This program works with local shelters to increase their save rates! They also participate in community events that help enrich the neighborhoods in need  and prevent feral cats from winding up in shelters by expanding our Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return initiative.

Donations will help SAVE LIVES and support the local communities, helping families as well having difficult times caring for their beloved pets. 

Please consider donating HERE and learn how you can take action to support the PAWsitive Impact Challenge and Karma Cat + Zen Dog.

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