5 Fun Cooking Games on Itch.io!

Hey Hey virtual chefs! Looking for fun games to play? I have a fun list for you to check out some cool indie cooking games & games all about food and how it connects us! Let’s get cooking!

Little Chef

“A fun and cute 2D physics-based cooking game with a focus on experimentation and discovery.”

A Taste Of The Past

“Meet Mei, a shy, Chinese-American high school student dealing with the sudden passing of her mother. After losing all of her mother’s recipes, Mei embarks on a train…only to realize her ancestors have boarded as well. She must uncover her mother’s recipe for traditional noodles while learning about self-love, grief, and healing.

Experience a story of growth through reliving precious moments with family and cooking. A Taste of the Past is a relatable and touching journey about holding those you love close.”

The Night Soup

“Southside town, there’s one small restaurant that is open from 10pm until 7 am in the morning. Nathan, the chef and the restaurant owner open that business differently. Because he can compete with other restaurants when he opens in the daytime. The game will be driven by story progression. Some characters will give the quest and give new recipes. There are a lot of new menus, new cooking styles, new characters, and new events unlocked every day.”

Boba Barista

“A quick and cute game about brewing up your very own Bubble tea, enjoy experimenting with sounds and flavours :)”

Pizza Time

Pizza Time! is a VR pizza-making extravaganza for the HTC Vive. Take orders, cover pizzas in sweet sweet ingredients, and don’t look the robots in the eyes.

You’ll have only a minute or two to make each pizza to order by throwing on toppings and tossing it in the oven — but not for too long or it’ll burn! Complete as many pizzas as you can and see how much money you can make before you get three strikes by messing up orders. 

Pizza Time! requires an HTC Vive to play.

Enjoy the list I hope you find a new game to play soon! Check out All Ages of Geeks upcoming game too!

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