“Outer Terror” Review

“Outer Terror,” developed by Salt & Pixel, LLC & VoxPop Games, Inc., is a New York Game Awards-nominated, grindhouse-inspired action-arcade roguelite—casting the player into a series of survival scenarios and B-Horror baddie-blitzing challenges right out of your favorite creepy 80s/90s media with some fresh spins on the genre. The game is presented as a cosmic […]

VoxPop Continues To Break Barriers In Indie Game Funding, Distro, and Community Building – Teams Up with GamerSky, MOME, and more! | The Geekoning Podcast

We caught up with the VoxPop founders Charles Yu and Marc Rodriguez to chat about the development process of “Outer Terror” along with Connor Riley VoxPop’s content ‘chef’ and community conductor. Listen below! by: Rohil Aniruth The journey of trying to make a video game is an intense, arduous quest, often paralleling the perils of […]

Beam Me Up, Scotty: Kid Cudi Partners with Star Trek for “Boldly Be” Campaign

Prolific producer of dopeness, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, lit up Trekkie spirits during a surprise appearance at Star Trek’s New York Comic Con panel. Cudi popped in to discuss his new collaboration with the quintessential sci-fi franchise, titled the “Boldly Be” campaign.  Alex Kurtzman and Kid Cudi on stage at NYCC (Catherine Powell/Getty Images for […]

Writing Arcs That Span Lifetimes: Rohil Chats Process with “For All Mankind” Creators Ben Nedivi, Matt Wolpert, Ronald D. Moore, Esther Marquis, Seth Reed & Garrett Reisman

Contains spoilers for Season 1-3 of For All Mankind. Narrative Designer and All Ages of Geek’s Sci-Fi savant, Rohil, here, logging back in, disappointingly not from a mega-corp-owned Mars base, but enthusiastically from a New York office after a roundtable chat with the creators of Apple TV+’s acclaimed “alternate history” space opera, “For All Mankind.” […]

Kid Cudi & Mad Solar Are Ready for Launch with “Moon Man” Comic Book

Rohil here, All Ages of Geek’s resident “lonely loner,” back from freeing his mind at night to bring you the current, most critical cultural learnings.   Creator of “Man On The Moon (The Anthem),” the definitive #1 comfort track that got me through the trenches, from the harrowing hallways of high school in Cape Town to […]

G4 Returns With New Host Kassem G

On 19 April 2021, something miraculous occurred… an upload on the iconic O.G. Kassem G YouTube channel. Not just any upload, but an upload of the beloved Ask Kassem format. Ask Kassem was a comedic interactive Q&A show, with host Kassem G thrown against a greenscreen of brilliantly janky animations, hitting its peak of popularity […]