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Hey there, Creative Geeks! Looking for nerd culture jobs and a chance to dive into the geeky universe and gain some real-world experience? Well, guess what? We at All Ages of Geek are on the lookout for passionate, creative souls to join our internship program! Whether you’re a word wizard, social media savvy, a graphic design guru, or an editing expert, we’ve got a spot for you. Here’s the rundown:


Unpaid Internship Opportunities




Are you the one who’s always scribbling stories or crafting compelling content? Our writing internship might just be your calling! Get ready to explore a world where your words can make an impact.


Social Media


If you’re the type who’s always tweeting, posting, or TikToking, we need you! Help us engage our community and spread the geeky gospel across the digital landscape.


Graphic Design


Got an eye for aesthetics? Our graphic design internship lets you unleash your creativity and bring visual magic to our projects. It’s all about making things look just as awesome as they sound.


Video Editing


For those who love cutting, layers, and bringing stories to life on screen, our video editing internship is perfect. You’ll be the wizard behind the curtain, making our video content pop.


Audio Editing


Are you all about that podcast life or making soundscapes that captivate? Jump into our audio editing internship and fine-tune your skills in creating ear-catching audio content.


A Bit More Info on our Nerd Culture Jobs

  • Commitment: We’re flexible, but we love dedication!
  • Location: Anywhere! Yes, it’s remote.
  • Duration: Varies, but typically a semester.
  • Perks: A fantastic community, hands-on experience, and the chance to geek out to your heart’s content.

How to Apply


Shoot us an email on our Contact Page or contact us via our LinkTree with your resume and a little bit about why you want to join the team. Don’t forget to tell us which internship you’re interested in! We will always be a reference for your job searches and are also looking for freelancers to work with.


Come geek out with us and gain some invaluable experience along the way!

Game With Us!

We’ll play your game!

Sign up for the All Ages of Geek Newsletter to get a free gameplay of your next indie game. When you sign up we also post the gameplay onto our YouTube Channel for free!

Honest Gameplays

We test out your game and also give honest reviews in order to help indie game developers get reviews before or after launch!

Written PR and Reviews

Along with playing your game our team writes up an article review and covers your PR all for free. Get the PR you need in the geek space without paying any costs at all.