A List of Underrated D&D 5e Spells

Dungeons and Dragons is a challenging game no matter what role you are playing but as a spellcaster, you fall into a unique set of challenges. On one hand, you have the ability to annihilate an opposition with a single spell but at the same time, there is a huge responsibility with that role. With […]

An Easy Guide To Learning How To Play Runescape

By: Ava Gardner: Is blogging on Business, Marketing, Finance, and Technology @watchmarketonline.com RuneScape is an online fantasy multiplayer video game. It was initially released in 2001, and since then, it has been played by players from every corner of the world. Millions of people all across the globe passionately play and enjoy it. On top […]

New Eldar Releases | The Voxhammer Podcast

Ork Dork Sean and Mini Apothecary Matthew get lost in the hype for the new eldar releases coming this year. Expectations, artwork, future predictions, and plenty of “I told you so”. The Hype is real for the craftworlds! MUSIC BY: Erik-Peter Mortensen About All Ages of Warhammer Explore all things Warhammer 40K and beyond with The […]

Etsy Feature: Pampered Pixels

Etsy has a fantastic selection of DIY items from artwork, jewelry, clothes to accessories. As I was looking on Etsy through the accessories I came across Pampered Pixels and her artwork. Her perler beads looked great and I could tell there is so much potential in her artwork. I decided to do an Etsy feature […]

Dragon Ball Episode 33 Reaction

https://youtu.be/ZKoF2Tzb36I All Ages of Geek has Dragon Ball Reactions in store for you with Dragon Ball Episode 33. Join us every week for new Dragon Ball adventures as we explore the world with Goku. From stopping the Red Ribbon Army to training with Master Roshi and Krillin for the Tournament Arc, All Ages of Geek has the videos for you to […]

The Army Of Choice, Rule Of Cool Or A Personal Connection? | The Voxhammer Podcast

Ork Dork Sean and The Miniature apothecary talk about their favorite races, factions, and what motivates people in picking their favorite armies. Is it just for the rule of cool, or do people choose armies for a more personal reason? MUSIC BY: Erik-Peter Mortensen About All Ages of Warhammer Explore all things Warhammer 40K and beyond […]

Cosplay Feature: BOHO

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Cosplay Feature. This post will feature the cosplayer BOHO 1. Where are you from and what is the cosplay/geek culture like in your area?I’m from the southern part of Spain in a city called Seville where the geek culture is remarkable.Lots of people grew up with anime series on the […]

Con Conventions 2021 Update

2021 has become more or less a makeup year of the abysmal year that is 2020. Conventions are being held this year but at a lesser capacity. Are you excited to finally attend one of these major comic cons (see list below) or are you holding out another year? The annual tradition for me is […]

2nd and Charles

I went into a 2nd & Charles for the first time this year looking for a birthday present. I had never heard of this store so naturally I decided to take a look. I was completely shocked at what I found. It was like a time portal. I go in looking for a birthday present […]

Con Watch: MegaCon 2021

As a Florida resident I look forward to going to the three day convention that is MegaCon in Orlando every year. MegaCon is one of the largest comic book/sci-fi/anime/gaming/celebrity conventions. The last MegaCon I went to featured Jeff Goldblum, Jason Momoa, Elijah Wood and Norman Reedus just to name a few. MegaCon always has too […]