100 Best Christmas Picture Books for Kids and Family | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Galaxy-Boy Delivery loves Christmas! Christmas is a magical time of year! Christmas is a time celebrate the birth of Jesus, and also spend time together as a family. There’s nothing more special than getting to exchange presents, and enjoy the holiday spirit! As a kid, Christmas can be even more fun because it is a […]

BeautifulDiz brings anime to the real world

Model, cosplayer, Actress, director, VFX work, and musician BeautifulDiz is on themission to combine anime with real life. Anime has been growing extremely popular andmore and more people are enjoying the art. So BeautifulDiz brings anime to the realworld. But how does she do it? Using visual effects to tell anime and comic stories, BeautifulDiz […]

BentleyBae Review

Calling all car lovers! Are you looking for a new NFT collection to support? Look no furtherbecause BentleyBae has everything you are looking for. Today we are going to chat all abouttheir designs, how you can support them, and what this collection has in store for you. “BentleyBae is the first of it’s kind NFT […]

Mr. Mad Bones Review

Calling all sports fans! Are you looking for a new NFT collection to support? We have a solutionfor you! Today we are going to talk all about Sports Brand ALL Extreme Ltd and their collection Mr. Mad Bones. But what is this collection all about? “All Extreme is a company that brings together professional athletes […]

Standing Spots Review

Looking for a new NFT project to support? Look no further. Standing Spots is a collection of photographs. But what is this collection all about? The designs are truly incredible. With a faded picture that has high contrast it creates an illusion that these photographs are vintage. Almost film like. Fans of photographers like Ansel […]

Amazing Indie Game Feature: Blasty Ball Shooting Space

Are you ready to be the best? All Ages of Geek has a mobile app game for you called Blasty Ball – Shooting Space. This app is not just a “shoot the blocks” type of game. It’s simplistic and easy, but a game where a Blasty Ball can prove to your friends why you can […]

Need a Good Cry? Add These Films to Your Watchlist

Everyone has been there. You had a bad day at work, the partner said something that set you off, or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever the reason, it feels like you need to let out some steam and cry it all out. But what films should anyone […]

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: 8 Intriguing Things to Know

Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most beloved works of literature for children and adults. It depicts a fantastical world full of strange characters and surreal situations, providing readers with a unique escape from reality. From its numerous adaptations to exciting details about the story, here are eight intriguing things to know about Alice’s […]