Yuji Kaida and Sword of the fierce god Review

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Today we are going to tell you all about the NFT Sword of the fierce god, a unique art piece created and signed by Yuji Kaida. Geeks and NFT collectors around the world, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. Make sure you check out more information about Yuji Kaida and this one-of-a-kind NFT from Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace.

But who is Yuji Kaida? Born in 1953, Yuji Kaida is a Japanese illustrator. He is known for his work in Godzilla, Gundam, Macross and much more! His detailed artwork of monsters has gained popularity all around the world. He is even recognized as a renowned monster artist in Japan! Kaida designs monsters and other characters in many mediums such as books, comics and even video games. Even the newest of anime fans have heard of Yuji Kaida before, or at least have seen some of his memorable art in any geek related medium.

Now like many Mangaka and artists, Kaida brings his designs to the NFT world with the Sword of fierce god. This NFT is a unique original piece that many collectors will love and compete to have in their collection. The NFT is 2500 USDT. This piece has incredible details in it that bring the true feeling of the image to life. The dark colors and details in the characters’ faces truly paints a story for the viewers’ eyes. This NFT depicts a mighty sword crafted by a god that was handed down through generations. Fans of Kaida will love the monster (of course) and all the details he is known for. 

The extreme self expression in this artwork gives this an even more competitive grab. With only one in total supply this will be a very interesting NFT experience to watch. Just like an art auction we’ll see who this lucky collector will be! A geek at heart of course! 

To learn more about this NFT check it out HERE on Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace! 

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