Wearing the Mask: Kamen Rider Cosplay Feature

As a fan of Kamen Rider, I have always held an appreciation for people capable of making Cosplay. Even more so when they can create armor that looks like it came straight from the set. I certainly hope to join their ranks one day, but for now, I’ll be content looking at the Rider Cosplay they create. So please, allow me to share some of my favorite Cosplays with you. Links to the cosplayer’s and photographer’s social media will be provided whenever they are available.

The thumbnail comes courtesy of Showtime HERO, taken at Indonesia Comic Con.

Mist Match! Cobra!

Our first cosplay is of a character I’m sure many people should recognize if you’ve been watching Build alongside Kat and Tat (consider supporting AAOG on Patreon to get access to their Build reactions if you aren’t already). The resident smug snake of the show, Blood Stalk. Personally, I’m a big fan of him specifically because of his personality. He’s so nonchalant and smug, it’s great.

Blood Stalk: @kuro_craftsman
Photography: @Xperia_rmZ on Twitter & Instagram

Rider Henshin!

A preface for our next entry: this suit is actually based on an action figure series known as the S.I.C. series (stands for Super Imaginative Chogokin, later became Superior Imaginative Chogokin). These figures are made to look more monstrous/organic and they look absolutely amazing. This one in particular is based on a figure of the original Kamen Rider released in 2014, and I am such a huge fan of how the full-sized suit looks.

New Kamen Rider Ichigo (S.I.C. ver.): @ZONNYTHELEE

Secretary Model

While not specifically a Rider, I couldn’t pass up on including this one. Our lovely Humagear waifu, Izu. Or Is, if you want to use the official spelling.

Izu/Is: @hiistoryofmusic
Photography: Mr. Kong

Rabbit/Tank and the Destroyer of Worlds

Here we have two Rider Cosplays side-by-side. We have Build, the 19th Rider of the Heisei Era, alongside Decade, the 10th Rider of the Heisei Era.

Kamen Rider Build: @shotalaw_waaay
Kamen Rider Decade: @RADAsan_DCD
Photography/Filming: @sht_raito

Let’s go, go, go!

Here we have another non-Rider character Cosplay. This time, it’s the delinquent Imagin Momotaros. He’s a great character and extremely popular. Fun fact: Momotaros’ VA in the show is also the voice for Kibutsuji Muzan from Demon Slayer.

Momotaros: @fuuuuuuraibou

Orange Arms! Through the flowered path, on stage!

Here we have yet another example of an S.I.C. based Cosplay of a Rider. This time, we have our Orange Samurai Gaim being represented here. Honestly, this is one of my favorite S.I.C. figures. The armor design for Gaim here is spectacular and a great show of how good the S.I.C. line really is.

Kamen Rider Gaim (S.I.C. ver.): @tp_a0

Cyclonerise! Rocking Hopper!

Our last entry for this Cosplay Feature will be one of the movie-exclusive Riders. This is Ichigata (meaning Type-1) from the Zero One movie “Reiwa: The First Generation”. Honestly, Ichigata is one of my favorite movie Riders of all time, easily getting into my Top 5 movie Riders.

Kamen Rider Ichigata: @kamitani5112
Photography: @reiji_cp

I really am appreciative of all the hard work and effort that these Cosplayers put into creating these costumes. It’s so impressive how close they can get to making it look exactly like it does in the show. Or, in the case of the S.I.C. cosplays, capturing all of the details of the figures. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of the World of Tokusatsu Cosplay, because I fully intend to showcase more of these Cosplays.

If this is the first Article of mine that you’re reading, welcome, and consider reading some of my other Kamen Rider-related articles. You can read my 2-part article on all of the Heisei Era Seasons of Kamen Rider here and here.

See you next Rider Time~

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