We Interviewed Voice Actor Rolando Esteban Cruz All Ages of Geek

We Interviewed Voice Actor Rolando Esteban Cruz

We had the pleasure of chatting with voice actor Rolando Esteban Cruz!

1.What inspired you to become a voice actor?

Mainly spite, I was told by a lot of people that I wouldn’t amount to anything. However, I found that love is a bigger motivator to become better. As I started I found some people really like what I have to say and seen me walk the walk. As for who, Matthew Mercer. Ever since I heard him as Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening I wanted to do that and when I heard him in many and I mean many more games. I decided that I wanted to do that. Another person that I really admired was Kyle McCarley. That dude can really act and he has been one of many actors whose performances really made my hairs stand tall.

2.What advice would you give to new voice actors?

Practice, practice, practice. Not to mention take acting classes. Not saying all of you but if you are serious about coming into this the important part is the acting, its called voice ACTING for a reason. Learn to fall and take the punches of rejection, it sucks I know but the sooner you learn to audition and forget that you even auditioned for said character, the farther you will go in this industry. Whether as a hobby or if you are serious about this learn to be confident yet humble. People talk and talk and spread rumors so if you aren’t gonna be liked let it be for good reasons not petty reasons.

3.What are some of your biggest successes as a voice actor?

have have gotten a villain role as well as background character in some visual novels! If you want to check some of them out you can visit my website! https://rolandocruzva.carrd.co

4.Goals for next year?

Just keep doing what I am doing. This journey can be long or short. I will say that it does depend on luck if you plan on going cold turkey with it but if you talk to people and are always kind, then you will go far.

5.Where can people support your work?

Support HERE! and if you need any advice by all means I will share what I can.

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