We Interviewed Joe Morrow!

We Interviewed Joe Morrow all about their work!

1. How long have you been in the dnd space?

I’ve been playing D&D since the early/mid 80’s (AD&D edition) I had a long break and rediscovered the game as an adult with 5e in 2018. I started to publish some of my home brew encounters in Nov of 2021

2. What inspired your work?

I take inspiration from many places. Movies, the friends I play with, other creators and their passion. I love sharing my ideas with the community.

3. Tell us all about Broken Wing?

I wanted to change up the trope. In most D&D encounters the dragon is something that has to be killed. It’s terrorizing the countryside, attacking villagers, etc. I thought if we flipped it to saving the dragon it would open up some interesting situations. Then we add layers:
-making it a Wyrmling.
A young dragon that is vulnerable and asking for help. That is the core of the encounter. The players then learn there is still an active threat to the dragon. From there it’s up to the DM and the players to find the best way forward. It’s simple in its setup but can turn into a very compelling encounter.

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into dnd?

Just jump in. Don’t worry about all the rules. This is definitely a learn as you go game. I’m still learning… Ask some family and/or friends to try it. Local gaming store or library they might have games. An online group is an option but that can be tricky. D&D Beyond is a good starting point. Enough free resources to get started.

5. Goals for 2023?

Continue publishing content while improving my storytelling style. collaborate with other creators. Hopefully more interviews, podcast, etc. Be available to help others interested in publishing their work Play more D&D

6. Where can people support your work?

@dms_guild is where all my encounters are available. Search my name Joseph Morrow Link to broken wing https://dmsguild.com/m/product/398669… Following me on Twitter @JoeMorr30246506 Twitter is where I do the most “marking” of my work.Thanks for this opportunity!

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