VTuber Becomes a Fan of Vivziepop’s Helluva Boss

Helluva Boss (directed by Vivienne Medrano) a series about a demon imp named Blitz and his small business employees Moxxie, Millie, and receptionist Loona has taken the internet by storm. With its unique cast of characters and familiar voices such as Brandon Rogers, Richard Steven Horvitz, Erica Lindbeck, and Brock Baker fans have been glued to their screens in wait for new episodes.

VTuber Kasai (All Ages of Geek, LLC’s first generation VTuber) recently reacted to Helluva Boss, giving her views and thoughts on the first episode. Mixing popular internet culture with the explosive culture of VTubing, All Ages of Geek is set out to support all forms of creators and their work especially in the animation space.

Kasai has recently become a fan of Vivziepop’s animations and was in shock with how “adult” themed Helluva Boss can be. Vivziepop’s animations outside of Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel tended to be much more vibrant and popping with positivity. Despite the series being a much darker take on her work, Helluva Boss packs a delightful cast of characters who all (deep inside their hellish and crazy personalities) teach us important lessons.

An Adult Cartoon is an Adult Cartoon for a reason. As Vivziepop and her animation team have stated and made clear “This is not a cartoon for kids”. There were some people who nitpicked about this and how the series is too dark and suggestive, but there are disclaimers/warnings for reasons. With the hashtag #AnimationisforEveryone going around and even trending on Twitter we here at All Ages of Geek believe that Vivziepop has made a big improvement to how people think of Adult Cartoons.

Helluva Boss is a unique series and one that has proven how powerful web-cartoons can be with an independent and creative spark to how they are directed. Many aspiring web-animators can learn from Vivienne Medrano’s story and also get inspired on how Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel came to be.

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