We have great news from our friends at VoxPop Games!

“We have some amazing new content, to feature one of our core “Made for” games

SWORDCAR DevLog #1 – SpaceMicroscope drives things home

SwordCar is an amazing new adventure coming to PC’s soon, with an Exclusive “Made For” VoxPop Games edition!!
Think Devil May Cry, Katamari annnnnnndd PUNK ROCK, rolled into one amazing playable art piece!!

S W O R D C A R, is an action drifting game about a car… with… a sword…

An intense vehicular action-game where you must battle seditious office worker automatons, known as BUSYMEN.

Pop in your favorite crust punk tape and slice through the hordes of BUSYMEN and their MANAGERS in a variety of SWORDCARs to liberate SWORDCITY!!!

Here is the first Devlog detailing the process of this amazing new adventure:”

Check out the Game dev here:

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