Top 10 Geeky Bedroom Ideas

Looking for advice on how to design your geeky bedroom? We have you covered with these 10 tips!

Decorating your room is a form of expression. Understanding what piece of furniture or wall print makes you feel like you is extremely important when it comes to room decor. Here at All Ages of Geek, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to have your dream room!

1.Decide on a theme

The first thing you want to do before you start purchasing room decor is to choose a room theme. Do you want a bedroom full of bright lights, cute Kirby pillows, and a gaming set up full of pink and purple? Do you want a room full of anime figures, manga, and posters? Or do you see yourself surrounded by comic books and superheroes? The possibilities are endless and totally up to you! Once you decide on your theme the decor shopping begins.

Spacious Wooden Game Room (by. @loft25gaming)
source: gameover_uk

2.Choose your colors

Color is EVERYTHING when it comes to interior design. If something doesn’t go with the color palette it can throw the room off completely. Decide on what color makes you feel like you. Here is a good format to follow when deciding on room colors and how colors can effect your mood.

3.Furniture placement

Ah! But wait…Before you get up and start shopping the next step is deciding where you want your furniture to go. Organization is KEY to having a comfortable room, having clutter or pieces of furniture in your room that you necessarily don’t need can kill the vibe completely. One of the BEST ways to figure out furniture placement is using The Sims 3 for building ideas. Not only does The Sims 3 have endless colors you can choose from, it also allows you to create a complete replica of your room size, without having to draw out blueprints and things you may not understand. The Sims 2 and The Sims 4 can also be used for this however The Sims 3 has the best customizing options, making it easier for you to explore colors and placement. After you decide what your room will look at THEN you can pick up your bags and begin shopping.

This user used Sims 4 to make an amazing room! Check them out HERE

4.Picking the BIG pieces

Before you start looking for posters, gaming headphones, and cool figures you want to purchase the BIG furniture first. This will help you avoid clutter and buying things you don’t necessarily need. Now that you have your room layout finished you know what you need to buy when you visit stores like Ikea and Home Depot. The most important thing is to make sure your bed and desk make you feel like you. If you see a desk that screams YOU that is the one you need to look at and buy. Sizing is also an important factor when it comes to furniture because you don’t want to purchase something that won’t fit in your dream room.

Headphone reccomendation

Check their Twitter out HERE

5.Bed Sheets are next

Now that you threw your back out trying to set up your bed, desk, and dressers NOW it is time to pick out your bedsheets. Bed sheets are extremely important when it comes to completing your room. Because your bed is typically the biggest piece of furniture in your room, eyes usually turn to the bed first. First impressions matter so if your bedsheets don’t match your theme it will hurt the design. Make sure you follow your color palette, so if you are going for bold colors purchase bold-colored sheets. You can also throw in designs of your favorite characters or show!

Check out their Twitter HERE

6.Invest in GOOD lighting

Even if you have the best bed and desk around bad lighting will take away all the hard work you did in creating your dream geeky room. You can invest in color lighting to bring more you into your room, or just have strong lighting that will allow you to see your room to its fullest potential. Ceiling, wall, and floor lighting are all important and bring out different parts of your room. Choose wisely!

7. Storage is Imporant

Now that the main shopping is over it is time to find something you can put all your collection/games in! Investing in wall shelves, book cases, and corner tables are important. Having these will allow you to avoid clutter while displaying your collections!

Check out their Twitter HERE

8. Poster, signs and wall art

Next up is wall art. Nothing feels better than completing a room with pictures and signs that make you feel you! Go purchase the posters of your favorite characters, signs that make you confident and happy, and wall art from your favorite illustrator!

9. Rugs!

Rugs can add a personal touch to your room to help bring out your theme!

10. Finishing Touches

Now that your room is almost done it is time for some finishing touches. Going for a gaming theme? Check out these awesome gaming headsets! If your theme is anime buy those last-minute figurines to finish that room! Rooms show who you are and decorating your dream room can truly change your mood! So follow these steps to express yourself!






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