Toei Announces New Junretsu Toku Movie

Greetings, geeks of all ages! Recently, Toei made an announcement for the release of a tokusatsu parody movie featuring Junretsu, a male idol band consisting of tokusatsu alums. As a fan of these officially made parody series, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun one. Let’s break down what was included as part of the announcement!


“Junretsu, the super bathhouse idols that have performed in the Kohaku Song Competition 3 years running, transform into super heroes! In 2021, Junretsu will give a heart-warming performance on screen. This new side of them is sure to entertain! Though they’ve reached stardom in the world of singing, they have kept their acting hidden. To protect the peace of the hot springs, a place where everyone can relax, the heroes Junretsugers spring into action to fight against the evil that threatens the peace.”


Shota Gogami: Shota Gogami/Jun Green
Yujiro Shirakawa: Yujiro Shirakawa/Jun Red
Ryohei Odai: Ryohei Odai/Jun Blue
Kazuyoshi Sakai: Kazuyoshi Sakai/Jun Violet

It’s interesting to note that the suits of each character references that actors previous role or appearance in a toku production. The Jun Green suit has a shuriken on his visor, referencing his appearance in Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger: 10 Years After. Jun Red’s suit features a beetle horn on his helmet, referencing his role as KabutoRaiger in Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger. The helmet on Jun Blue looks like it has turrets coming out of it, referencing his role as Kamen Rider Zolda on Ryuki. And Jun Violet’s helmet has bull horns, referencing his previous role as GaoBlack in Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger.

Super Sento Junretsuger (Super Fighting Junretsu Rangers) will be releasing later this year. I’m looking forward to the release of this movie. At any rate, that’s all for this update. Ciao~

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