These are Just Some Awesome Youtubers!

Just a youtuber was trending on twitter recently and the All Ages of Geek crew decided to put together a list of some cool youtubers you should check out!

Denise Walker

Youtube Bio: “Denise Walker Animator Artist (Traditional/Digital) Video Editor/ Creator (Sony Vegas) This is channel that is going to be visual analytical breakdowns on animation and video games that I loved like character designs and talking about animators. Will post animations and video edits often.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

The Southern Bella

Youtube Bio: “Hello and how are you? My name is Bella and I animate short stories from my life on my YouTube channel! I live in Texas (yeehaw) and I love cats!”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

The English Simmer

Youtube Bio: “Hi there, I enjoy procrastinating by playing The Sims and recording it for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy. Sometimes I even go as far as playing other games for entertainment. I am obliged to say that if you aren’t subscribed already then you should.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!


Youtube Bio: “Brandon MessYourself here! We have been making YouTube content for over 8 years. My content has grown as have I and I am really proud of everything that we have achieved as a community so far. I am a comedian and yes I do act very crazy in my videos with the intent to make you laugh! I’ll always try to do something unique or obscure in every video so trust me, you will be surprise where ever you go! MessYourself was originally a Gaming Channel but however currently has turned more into a topical humour channel. If you would like to see my gaming videos please check out my gaming channel MessYourself Gaming: In March 2020 we launched our Animation and have set a goal of 100 Animations coming soon. We have a patreon if you would like to help by becoming executive producers.”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

Darrion Nguyen

Youtube Bio: “Science is fun!”

Check out their Youtube HERE!

Tell us who your favorite Youtubers are! We would love to feature them in an article!

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