Theories for the Story of RWBY Moving Forward

Greetings, geeks of all ages! RWBY Volume 8 premieres in just a few short weeks. In light of that, why don’t we make some theories on what could happen in the near future? Of course, there’s only so much that can be done in a single volume. So why don’t we extend our vision a little bit and think on what can happen in the future as a whole, not just this volume.

Jaune’s Fate

One of my big theories going into the series as a whole is that Jaune would at some point get burned. Literally. People who have heard of Joan of Arc no doubt know that she was eventually burned at the stake. But what led up to this? After her capture by the English, she was subjected to a rigged trial to make her guilty of all accusations. At the end of the trial, she was executed at the stake, with her body burned three times over to ensure that nothing remained. A grim fate indeed.

So what could lead up to this happening to Jaune in the show? In my mind, it’s entirely possible that he will be framed for a severe crime that he obviously did not commit. Unfortunately, there will be video evidence of someone that looks like Jaune committing the act. This could lead to authorities putting out a bounty on him. Jaune wanting the group to be safe could lead him to run away from them. All of this could then lead to the main group to split up and search for him. When this happens, Cinder could try to ambush Penny and forcibly attempt to take her Maiden power from her.

This will be the pivotal point where Cinder gains the upper hand. Just as she is about to claim her power, Jaune will have a big hero moment and jump in to stop her. Weakened from the fight, Penny will be helpless to do anything but sit back and wait for more help to arrive. After a hard fought battle, Jaune will beat Cinder back into a corner. Just before he is able to do any significant damage to her, one of the others will arrive. Seeing this as her chance, Cinder will fire off a full force blast at them. However, Jaune, being the hero type that he is, will jump in front of it. How bad the burn will be is really up in the air, but I think it will be severe, if not fatal.

Love and Thunder

My next big theory revolves around our lovable little lightning bruiser. Unfortunately, it is another theory revolving around the fate of her basis, Thor. For those unfamiliar with Norse mythology, the most important thing to know for my theory is that Thor is fated to fight against Jormungandr, the World Serpent. The clash between Thor and the World Serpent is told to lead to their mutual deaths. Yeah, I think you know where this is going.

As mentioned before, this won’t necessarily happen in Volume 8, but sometime later down the line. But at some point, there will be a reveal that Salem has created what could be the largest Grimm to date. She will unleash it upon the world and allow it to wreak untold amounts of havoc. This will lead to an eventual encounter with the crew where they will be powerless to stop it. In order to give them time to escape, Nora steps up and fights with everything she has. While she will stop it in its tracks, it will come at the cost of her life.

Naturally, both of these are just my own theories. Nothing more, nothing less. What are your thoughts on what could happen? I encourage discussing these kinds of things with others, though I also encourage keeping things civil. There’s no reason to attack or belittle someone just because they have different ideas than yours. So please, do keep things civil when discussing these kinds of theories. At any rate, I hope you’re looking forward to what’s to come for RWBY Volume 8. I know I am.

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