The Story of Hope Through Art

Blessed NFT Review

The metaverse is opening new ways for people to share their story with the world around them.  NFTs are using many different art forms such as digital art, hand drawings and photographs. Today we are going to talk about the NFT Blessed and the amazing story behind this photograph. 

This NFT is an image of a U.S Army Soldier photographed with a cross above the photo. The picture truly tells a story of a man who protected his country during its time of need as well as his family never giving up hope. “Momma prayed to Jesus and I came home. God bless my brothers and sisters who couldn’t be here today.”

Not only does this NFT tell a story of one soldier it also helps bring awareness to those who lost their lives protecting their country. This NFT also represents hope and the ability to allow others to help you. The man in this photo continues to spread love for those who lost their lives in 2011-2012. Collectors looking to add realistic stories and pictures to their gallery should consider checking out this NFT. 

Be sure to jump over to their OpenSea to check out this NFT. Not only will you get to see the amazing photo you will also get to learn a story of hope. Support their links today to continue spreading the story of those who protected their country. 


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