The Community Manager of All Ages of Geek Talks About How Animations Impacted Him

The Community Manager of All Ages of Geek Talks about how animations impacted him:

“Animation has always been important to me. Ever since I was a little kid stories told in animation have touched me deeply, shaped my morals and helped me understand ideas more complex than my young mind would have been able to otherwise. Shows like Steven Universe and She-Ra are made for young audiences yes, but the themes they convey are just as relevant to adults. Stories of acceptance, and caring, teaching children and adults that your worst moments do not define you as a person. These shows teach us to stand with our friends, in their worst moments just like we would want them to stand by us. And that the most important step on the road to recovery isn’t the first one, it’s the next one always the next one. “

Remember animations are for everyone!

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