Ten Things I’m Anticipating/Predicting for RWBY Volume 8

Note: There will be major spoilers in this article. If you have yet to watch through Volume 7, this is not the article for you to read.
On July 18th, 2013, an animated project (led by the late Monty Oum) aired on Rooster Teeth’s Youtube channel, which would change the lives of countless people across the globe: RWBY. Since the first episode (also called chapters), we all knew this series was going to be special. Seven years later, we’re anticipating the premiere of Volume 8 and were even given a small sneak peek, at this year’s Comic-Con, of what to expect. During the waiting time for Chapter 1, many have discussed what they’re anticipating, as the stakes are even high this time for our heroines and heroes. Given what happened in the last Volume, you will similar predictions from not only myself but other RWBY fans. In celebration of Volume 8, I am going to share with you 12 of my predictions/what I’m anticipating for this Volume.

12. The People of Mantle Rise Up

I mainly put this one on the list due to the teaser clip we were given at Comic-Con. While the chances are very slim, I’d like to think that the people of Mantle are given some type of motivation to rise up and defend the place they call home. Who knows, maybe they’ll help out our main characters with making preparations for this big fight that is quite literally at their front door.

11. The Schnee Family Take a Stand

Just like with the previous prediction, I don’t have very much to say with this one. It’s mostly me hoping that Willow and Whitley do something, given that the unavoidable dangers threaten their lives as well. This could be the moment to bring a more positive light to the Schnee family’s name.

10. Tyrian On The Loose

All throughout Volume 7, Tyrian was a massive ball of chaotic energy, more than we’ve already seen, which lead to some intense and heartbreaking scenes. By the end of Volume 7, we knew that hadn’t seen the last of the scorpion faunus. While I haven’t come across any info about what he’s going to do, I know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for him throughout every chapter in Volume 8. Who knows, maybe he’ll break Watts out from prison and return to Salem for further orders. However, I get the feeling that Tyrian will just run off after he breaks Watts out. In the end, he’s going to be more trouble than ever.

Tyrian Callows | RWBY Wiki | Fandom
Tyrian Callows
Photo from rwby.fandom.com

9. Oscar and Ozpin “Bonding Moments”

At the end of Volume 7, after being silent for quite a while, Ozpin has finally returned. From the looks of it, there’s a strong possibility that the Wizard could be playing a major role this time. I’m sensing that we’ll have plenty of dialogue between him and Oscar and perhaps some moments where he takes over Oscar’s body with the other characters. Who knows, maybe Ozpin will take a stand to at least try to fight the big fight, even without a surefire plan.

Oscar Pine | RWBY Wiki | Fandom
Oscar Pine
Photo from rwby.fandom.com

8. Qrow and Robyn Break Out and Confront Ironwood

I’m not going to lie, the last two chapters of Volume 7 hit me really hard. I can see Qrow going through a serious mental battle with himself (after finally quitting alcohol). Given that Robyn Hill was arrested with him, I’m hoping that she’ll take some responsibility for her actions that led to Clover’s death. While I wouldn’t say she was solely responsible for his death (I also blaim Tyrian), Robyn did make some questionable decisions that could’ve been avoided. That being said, I can see her trying to help Qrow heal, thus leading to them breaking out from prison to face Ironwood and stop him (as Qrow promised Clover in his final moments). The methods of escape could involve taking advantage of the chaos (Salem attacking Atlas) to break out, but all I know is that confronting Ironwood is going to be part of the big plan.

robyn x qrow | Tumblr
Qrow and Robyn
Photo from tumblr.com

7. Penny Trains to Control Her Maiden Powers

Seeing Penny become the new Winter Maiden was a fun new twist near the end of Volume 7 (especially with the build up). The only thing that worries me is how she’ll become a bigger target for not only Cinder, but Ironwood, since his plan was for Winter Schnee to be the Winter Maiden. However, I am very proud of Penny for making such a big decision by herself and taking such a heavy responsibility. Although she’ll little free time to do so, our new Winter Maiden is going to take some time to get used to her new powers. Who knows, given that Penny is a android (with a big human heart), her AI program could speed up the progress with understanding her powers.

My 2 Cents on RWBY: Volume 7, Chapter 13 – “The Enemy of Trust ...
Penny Polendina as the new Winter Maiden
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6. Penny and Pietro vs Whale Grimm

First Pinocchio, then Gepetto, and now we have Monstro entering the stage at the end of Volume 7. While the whale grimm could also be based on Moby Dick, given the connections it’s leaning more towards a Pinocchio trio. If things are going where I think they are, we’re getting a moment where Penny (with her new Winter Maiden power) and Pietro fight against this monstrous foe in order to protect not only Atlas, but the people left to fend for themselves in Mantle. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that we have to say goodbye to Penny (again) and Pietro. Given the his current condition (pieces of his aura missing and the coughs), I’m seeing plenty of red flags on Pietro for Volume 8. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a nail-biting epic battle.

Whale Grimm | RWBY Wiki | Fandom
The Whale Grimm
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5. Salem and Ozpin/Oscar See Each Other Again

A reunion that I’m hoping and yet fearing for, I have a strong feeling that these two are going to see each other again. When, where, and how I have no idea, but the very end of Volume 7 is definitely giving the fans some serious hype for these two to cross paths again. While this is definitely not the end of RWBY, it’ll be interesting to see the two, who started everything, see each other after who knows how long. All I know is that things are going to get heated given Salem’s grudge against Ozpin for “betraying” her and nothing will be safe from the crossfire. Ozpin may have reincarnated into a different host, but she’ll know that it’s him.

4. Ironwood Falls

With everything that he has done, the “Tinman” has, without a doubt, lost his heart and his downfall is on its way. The only question is: who will be the one to do it? A big part of me is hoping that Qrow and Robin will be the ones to stop him, there’s a part of me that sees Salem being the one to do it. Not only that, but given that the theme for this volume is distrust, Ironwood’s paranoia is going to be through the roof. While the chances are slim, I can imagine Ironwood going through some intense episodes of mental breakdowns with even his most trusted soldiers. I’m also very interested in how he’s going to react to the news of Clover’s death. All I can say is: Ironwood’s journey is going to end in Volume 8.

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James Ironwood
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3. Division of the Ace Ops

This might not happen, but I feel like the Ace Ops aren’t going to function as effectively as they previously did. With Clover gone, who knows which member will lead them, or if they’ll even come to that kind of agreement. Given the very slim possibility, I’m kind of hoping that Marrow switches sides and helps out Ruby and company fight the real enemy.

Team RWBY vs. Ace-Ops | RWBY Wiki | Fandom
Team RWBY vs the Ace Ops
Photo from rwby.fandom.com

2. Relic of Creation

This is a pretty open-ended topic, but the Relic of Creation definitely has to play a big part in Volume 8. Now that Penny is the new Winter Maiden, one of the main objectives is obtaining Atlas’s Relic. However, this move is going to lead to some serious consequences, given that the Relic is responsible for keeping Atlas floating above Mantle. This brings up the big question of whether or not Ruby and company would be able to handle such a huge risk with such massive consequences. Part of me is hoping that Ruby and company don’t obtain the relic, since only Penny can open the vault, so it’ll still be safe and secure.

Relic of Creation | RWBY Wiki | Fandom
The Relic of Creation
Photo from rwby.fandom.com

1. Cinder and Neo

Now that Cinder and Neo have the Relic of Knowledge in their hands, the big question is: what’s their next move? Sure, Cinder could go straight to Salem to deliver it to her, but I feel like that would be too soon. Both Cinder and Neo have unfinished business with Ruby, so I get the feeling that they’re going to take care of the root of their personal problems. Cinder could also make a second attempt at obtaining the Winter Maiden’s powers, but given that Penny is with Ruby makes me lean towards “no.” Cinder got another direct hit from Ruby’s Silver Eyes attack, so I highly doubt she’ll go with that tactic. However, since Neo is with her, the odds may slightly lean in her favor. At the end of the day, Cinder and Neo are checking off their list of things to do and will remain an difficult obstacle to get through.

7 Questions We Want Answered in RWBY Volume 7
Neo and Cinder
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At the end of the day, Volume 8 can go in a number of directions with a variety of twists and turns. Some of my predictions could be confirmed, even the ones that seem a bit out there and unlikely. Other than showing our heroines and heroes obtaining flying/gliding motorbikes and Volume 8 taking place over the course of two days, Rooster Teeth has been keeping their cards close to their chest. All I know is, there are going to be plenty of nail-biting scenes and we’re going to be questioning almost everything that happens. What about all of you? Do you have any predictions for Volume 8? What are you anticipating? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Until then, this is CuriousCat-13: signing off.

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