Takeru Kirisima and Prince of Lan Ling Cover Review

From The One and Only Power by Kiriko Yumeji to NFTs like Sword of the fierce god created by none other than Yuji Kaida himself, All Ages of Geek has been kind of obsessed with the Manga NFT space lately. Our friends from Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace have a lot to share and it looks like we’re diving right into our next Manga NFT Review with the Prince of Lan Ling Cover created by Takeru Kirisima.

Before jumping into this review, be sure to check out what NFTs are, and especially what Manga NFTs, $MANGA, Manga Tokens and Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace have in store for you as an NFT collector. You can learn more HERE! Now let’s get into the review!

Prince of Lan Ling Cover, is an original, one in supply NFT from Takeru Kirisima. In fact, this NFT is actually based on the manga “Prince of Lan Ling” and is the very first digital cover of the series. 

Fans of Kirisima’s work will love this NFT. It not only brings the characters from “Prince of Lan Ling” to life, but it is a one-of-a-kind copy of the cover. The art truly portrays the personalities of the beloved characters. The handsome prince is seen dressed in detailed attire holding onto his mask he always wears when in battle. In the background you see many other characters standing behind him eyes peered with adventure. This NFT is 2500 USDT.

If you know anything about Takeru Kirishima you may be fans of Gokudo kun Manyuki, STRATOS 4, and the FATE/STAYNIGHT: Comic Anthology. With “Prince of Lan Ling” being part of the ever-growing space of NFT art collections, it really makes you think what Mangaka and creator is next in line to jump into the digital world, the Metaverse.


From the author of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Yoshiki Tanaka.The Prince of Lan Ling is good-looking enough to attract companions and even their enemies. The super popular hero is always wearing a mask when he has a battle. He’ll show us It’s a history action adventure manga based in China. It’s a historical action adventure manga based in China.”

If you’re a collector of NFTs, a fan of Takeru Kirisima or “Prince of Lan Ling”, be sure to learn more HERE from  Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace.

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