Interview With Voice Actor David Garcia!

All Ages of Geek David Garcia

We interviewed Voice Actor David Garcia! Here is what he had to say: 1.What inspired you to start Voice Acting? If I had to point to one man who set me on this path, it would have to be Alejandro Saab. I’ve been a fan of him for about 7-9 ish years-ish, not too certain […]

An Interview With Voice Actor Tony Waldman!

All Ages of Geek Voice Actor Tony Waldman

We interviewed Voice Actor Tony Waldman! 1. How long have you been Voice Acting?I started voiceover training in January of 2017 with Jay Snyder (aka Dan Green) of Yu-Gi-Oh fame and made my animation demo with him. Following that, I made a commercial demo with Shelly Shenoy (Red Dead Redemption 2, Walking Dead game, etc.) […]