Kidlit Reviews on Goodreads #1 | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

All Ages of Geek and Galaxy-Boy Delivery will be reviewing ten books per day on Goodreads in order to support children’s literature authors and illustrators. This is part of our #ReadAcrosstheGalaxy campaign to help kids and readers of all ages read more books, but also serve as a reminder to review those books too. Below […]

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Official Sticker!

Galaxy-Boy Delivery has a official sticker featuring duo Stilo and Korl along with the GBD logo. These Kiss Cut Stickers leave a wide enough border around the design for smooth peeling. Made of durable vinyl and perfect for indoor use! The official sticker comes in the sixe 3×3, 4×4, and 5.5×5.5 perfect for anyone who […]

Top 5 Best YouTube Kids Space Songs | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Stilo and Korl hosts of “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” the upcoming All Ages of Geek original kids show, are here to deliver some galaxy Best Songs for Kids from YouTube Kids! The kid-friendly VTubers will be recommending some awesome kids content curated specifically for parents and of course kids every day! Want to learn more about “Galaxy-Boy […]

Galaxy-Boy Delivery: Galaxy Cookies

Do you ever need decoration ideas for a fun space-themed snack for homeschool cooking fun, or a cookie party with your kids? Galaxy-Boy Delivery, the Virtual YouTuber web-series has a few space decoration ideas for you! Get ready for a space adventure with Stilo and Korl as they help you make DIY cookie decorations.  What […]

Indie Game Focus: Imagine Earth

LEARN MORE HERE Greetings Gamers! Tracy Preston of All Ages of Geek here with a special Indie Game shoutout. Are you looking for a new game that’ll launch you somewhere across the galaxy? Are you looking for a new kind of civilization-building game? Well, do I have the game for you. Imagine Earth is a […]

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead – Comic Review

A new intergalactic adventure is making waves at Boom! Studios for the new title We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, pins the survival of the human race on finding scarce resources on the corpses of alien gods.   Al Ewing creates a universe with unknown wonders in deep space as the crew of the autopsy […]