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Rainbow Announces New Sensational Animated Winx Club Series Coming to Netflix in 2025

The most powerful fairies on the globe are back. After rumors and a massive deal of  anticipation, creator Iginio Straffi has recently unveiled at the latest edition of Italy’s  Comicon Napoli that Rainbow Studios will be launching the new, CGI-animated “Winx  Club” series on Netflix in 2025. It will be a whole new series, premiering worldwide on  the world leading SVOD platform, to celebrate the incredible legacy of Winx Club, among the most loved shows worldwide by both new and longtime fans, now ready to show a  total fresh look in a ‘throwback’ version that will make everyone fall in love once again.  The news is followed by the appointment of Playmates Toys and Giochi Preziosi as  master toy partners providing for an enchanting new Winx Club toy line.  Leading companies in the toy industry, providing top quality and know-how, Playmates  and Giochi Preziosi will release globally the new collection of

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