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Stilo and Korl hosts of “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” the upcoming All Ages of Geek original kids show, are here to deliver some galaxy Best Songs for Kids from YouTube Kids! The kid-friendly VTubers will be recommending some awesome kids content curated specifically for parents and of course kids every day!

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Articles featuring Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Here’s a fun YouTube Short for a quick example! 

Top 5 Best YouTube Kids Space Songs 

The Planet Song – 8 Planets of the Solar System Song for Kids | KidsLearningTube

The Planet Song from KidsLearningTube teaches us about the planets and solar system in a fun and animated way. Colorful characters (the planets) introduce themselves as they give simple but educated verses all about their temperatures, status and how far they are from the sun!

The Planets of our Solar System Song (featuring The Hoover Jam)

Another animated song makes the list with The Planets of our Solar System Song. This song stands out with how sassy the lyrics are, including how some humans can never live on specific planets! It’s funny, educational, entertaining making it edutaining for parents and kids! With animations created by Dakota Sheperd, the expressions make the video much more approachable to kids, but also makes it fun specifically when Pluto comes into the scene saying that it will never be forgotten. 

We’re Going On A Rocket Ship | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs 

Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs does it again with another super simple song (as their title suggests). We’re Going On A Rocket Ship makes the list because of how adorable and colorful the animation is, popping with easy to follow lyrics that will get your kids singing along. What makes this video so fun is how you will get to explore the spaceship, making kids want to learn more about astronauts, the moon and exploration! Perfect for a space-themed birthday party! 

A Missing Alien on Earth | Space Song | Science for Kids | Pinkfong Songs for Children

This adorable song and animation features a missing alien who is lost on Earth! Not only does it feature a lost baby alien, but also a worried mother who is frantically searching around town. It makes parents and kids sit at the edge of their seat, but also shows wholesome interactions such as the baby alien talking to objects that look like him. This song teaches kids shapes and gives parents some entertainment from the mother alien’s perspective. The ending is just super cute with a *SPOILER* reunited family hug,

StoryBots Outer Space | Planets, Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars | Solar System Super Song | Fun Learning 

StoryBots Outer Space from Netflix Jr. takes the StoryBots on a galaxy adventure as they visit each planet and learn about the worlds and universe through song. As a fifteen minute video it mixes edutainment, songs and story together in one package of space-tacular adventure. It ranges a little older around the 8-9 age range, but will hopefully give parents a laugh or two with the StoryBots. 

There are so many amazing Space Songs on YouTube and YouTube Kids! “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” also released their official VTuber Soundtrack which is great for anyone who needs to just relax and de-stress to some spacey beats. Great for parents and teachers after a hectic day.

What are your favorite Kids Space Songs? Let us know and leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to follow “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” on Twitter

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