Galaxy-Boy Delivery: Galaxy Cookies

Do you ever need decoration ideas for a fun space-themed snack for homeschool cooking fun, or a cookie party with your kids? Galaxy-Boy Delivery, the Virtual YouTuber web-series has a few space decoration ideas for you! Get ready for a space adventure with Stilo and Korl as they help you make DIY cookie decorations. 

What is a VTuber?

According to Google “A VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics.” Galaxy-Boy Delivery, while using the technology of Virtual YouTubers, focuses more on all ages content rather than the majority of VTubers streaming today. 

What is Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Galaxy-Boy Delivery is a VTuber web-series featuring the space VTuber duo Stilo and Korl. The series, featured on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube Channel and website will upload twice per week, with videos delivered to viewers in the form of vlogs, reactions, gameplays and discussion.

Join Stilo and Korl across the galaxy as they deliver all forms of packages, goods and smiles in their spaceship. As two kid-friendly VTubers, Galaxy-Boy Delivery will focus on life lessons, words of the week, and have family friendly values. The series is for ages 12 and up but can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Create Your Own Space VTuber Cookies

Step One: 

  • Gather a Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutout like you would for the holidays.
  • Customize your Space VTuber Cookies with frosting. We recommend these recipes from Yummly for a more healthy choice.  
  • Add a touch of uniqueness to your cookies with these 10 Genius Cookie Decorating Hacks Your Kids Can Easily Master from EatingWell

Step Two: 

Follow a Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe from Food Network

Step Three: 

Once you have your cookies out of the oven, have them cool off and start the decoration stage. You can use a simple writing prompt from the Galaxy-Boy Delivery printables to create your own Space VTuber character. Or you can use Stilo and Korl’s VTuber designs as an example. 

Step Four: 

Enjoy and be sure to share your Space VTuber Cookie Creations with us at 

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