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Greetings Gamers! Tracy Preston of All Ages of Geek here with a special Indie Game shoutout. Are you looking for a new game that’ll launch you somewhere across the galaxy? Are you looking for a new kind of civilization-building game? Well, do I have the game for you. Imagine Earth is a new sci-fi-themed city builder game (that runs on a real-time simulation) developed and published by Serious Bros. Currently, it’s available for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and is on sale for 25% off on Steam (about $19.00). 

Save 25% on Imagine Earth on Steam
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You start off with one planet that has yet to have human contact and create a colony on said planet. After that, the galaxy and its planets are yours to explore and create more colonies of. With these colonies built, you can then gain profit through the trading systems of resources. However, the life of a space colonizer is not all sunshine and rainbows. You still need to find a way to manage resources and protect your new civilizations from various threats. Whether it’s a stray asteroid, the planet’s environment, or even raiders from beyond, Imagine Earth will keep you on your toes throughout your experience. Along with threats, you will also have allies that you’ll want to maintain positive relations with. Fortunately, there will be a colorful cast of characters to aid you on your journey in case things get too stressful for you. The possibilities of this game are pretty much endless, not to mention that you can also compete with the AI and change to a Freeplay mode. There’s even a Planet Editor where you can build your own planets to share with others. With all of this and more, you’re looking at hours upon hours of gameplay. If you’re on the fence about playing Imagine Earth, All Ages of Geek’s mascot and VTuber Kasai spent some time playing it and she had a blast. 

Video from the official All Ages of Geek YouTube Channel.

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  1. Wow, this game seems like a person could spend a LOT of time playing it. If I understand it correctly, you’d be creating colonies which would include buildings, transportation infrastructures, trees, etcetcetc. And people too?! Wowzer!

    Your article made me anxious to try out the new game! Good job !

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